Jonathan Palacios-Avila
Jonathan Palacios-Avila StratosFuel, Inc.

Spirit Award Recipient, 2021

Jonathan Palacios-Avila is the co-founder of StratosFuel, a hydrogen infrastructure provider that is focused on providing solutions to seamlessly transition hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market. The firm believes that all its offerings should be centered around, cost-effectiveness, renewability, and efficiency. StratosFuel is involved in the retail of hydrogen through stations, renewable hydrogen production, and shared mobility services. Stratos already provides hydrogen through modular stations throughout California and operates a hydrogen-powered car share program within Southern California. Furthering their vision is the development of their Zero Impact Production Facility in Victorville California. Once complete in 2023, the $70M facility will supply renewable hydrogen to over 15,000 fuel cell electric vehicles on a daily basis.

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